MarketMakers. Bosnia and Herzegovina

SDC’s interventions in the youth employment field have so far been targeting the supply side of the labour market in Bosnia and Herzegovina (increasing the employability of young people) and the matching between demand and supply (mainly by strengthening the capacities of the public employment services). It is clear however that youth unemployment in BiH can only be effectively and sustainably combated if the necessary preconditions for increasing the number of new vacancies are created. The main aim of the “Making Markets Work for the New Generation” (MMW4NG) program is therefore to promote the creation of decent job opportunities for young women and men in BiH.


The MarketMakers Project (Making Markets Work for the New Generation or MMW4NG) is working to promote the creation of decent job opportunities for young women and men in BiH, with funding from the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC). 
The MarketMakers Project applies an innovative approach to youth unemployment by increasing the number new job vacancies available through the creation of new markets.  This is unlike other SDC-funded projects that focus on labour market supply issues (i.e. increasing the employability of young people) or matching supply with demand (i.e. strengthening the capacity of public employment services). 

M4P Approach

The Making Markets Work for the Poor (M4P) approach aims to facilitate changes in market systems in order to allow the poor and disadvantaged to reap additional benefits in terms of improved employment opportunities from their participation in the market.  In BiH, the MarketMakers Project will focus its interventions on improved employment opportunities for young women and men. 

The project works in close collaboration with “Regional Development Agencies” (RDAs) in BiH who are co-facilitators of the planned interventions. Working alongside RDA’s allows for large-scale outreach and is helping to build the capacity of those local organizations to facilitate economic development in their own regions.


By identifying key constraints to youth employment and addressing the underlying systemic causes of youth unemployment, targeted Market Development Initiatives will seek to create approximately 5000 working places by the end of Phase I of the project in three economic subsectors:

  1. Information and Communication Technology (ICT);
  2. Food production and processing;
  3. Tourism.

A further three subsectors will be targeted during Phase II of the project.

Phase I

1 October 2012 - 30 April 2017 • A second 4 year phase is already envisaged


5'000'000 CHF (SDC)


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